CEAACT offers the unique Clinical Expressive Arts and Addictions Counselling Therapies Diploma (CEAACT-D) program which prepares students to write the Certification Exam required by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation requirements toward becoming a registered a Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor (CCAC). The CEAACT diploma program is unique in the ways a strong addictions counselling foundation is integrated with a focus on therapeutic expressive art in clinical practice. Individuals who are already credentialed or experienced as counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers and other relevant disciplines are invited to complete the Therapeutic Arts and Addictions Certificate (TAAC) program (click here to learn more about the TAAC Professional Development Certificate). We strive to be a learning community of inclusion by welcoming students from many backgrounds and diverse cultures, creating space for all voices to be heard.

The CEAACT-D program helps students navigate the political and cultural challenges of our times by integrating traditional psychodynamic theories and practices with contemporary theories in therapeutic art. Students are encouraged to explore the uses and potentials of different theories when dealing with various client populations, treatment goals and the student’s preferred therapeutic style of practice. The CEAACT-D program offers students innovative training in a growing, dynamic field, while meeting the educational standards of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation. Graduates of the program may apply for Associate membership with the Canadian Art Therapy Association, and for membership as a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator (REACE). The REACE® designation includes expressive arts consultants and educators who use the expressive arts in a broad range of approaches in education, organizational development, health fields and more. The shorter TAAC programs (Foundations and Advanced) will meet the needs of practicing professionals in the field of Addiction Counselling.

​The entire Diploma program is available online and can be completed in as little as 18 months although the average is 2 years. The CEAACT-D program is a dynamic, comprehensive, and academically rigorous program that nourishes creativity, encourages critical thinking, and welcomes unique perspectives. Experiential and embodied learning fosters student competence, flexibility and professional skill development that enables addictions counsellors and therapists to meet the complex demands of today’s clients. CEAACT ensures that our students are actively involved in shaping their learning environment, while implementing new research and ideas in practice. Graduates of the program become leaders in the areas of professional practice, research and theoretical development.

Admission Requirements

A non-refundable application fee of $150 is required to be submitted along with the application package.

Prior Learning Equivalency Assessments
A Prior Learning Equivalency Assessment (PLEA) is available for applicants who do not hold or have not completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited university required for admission to CEAACT. The Equivalency Assessment application and process is to determine that the applicant has the required knowledge and skills that would match the equivalent of a university degree and would be successful in completing the program. The cost of applying for a PLEA is $350.

*NOTE: Due to CEAACT’s ongoing enrollment, and based on a student’s background and clinical experience, courses and practicum can be completed concurrently, or students can pace themselves to fit their work situation.