The two-part Therapeutic Arts and Addictions Certificates (TAAC) are professional development programs. Foundations (part one) and Advanced (part two) courses are designed for learners who are currently working in the field, who want to build on their knowledge and skills in the field of addictions counselling and therapeutic arts. The 8 courses provide a solid foundation of knowledge about substance use, abuse and addiction, behavioural addictions, relapse and harm prevention, and therapeutic art as an intervention. Upon completion of the two levels, learners will have gained:

  • A foundational understanding of addiction and the biological, psychological and social causes of addiction.
  • Familiarity with the various families of addictive substances and how they affect the body and brain.
  • Familiarity with various behavioural addictions.
  • An awareness of vulnerable and at-risk populations
  • Concurrent disorders.
  • FASD treatment and prevention with therapeutic art.
  • Familiarity with therapeutic arts tools that can be used in across the spectrum of assessment, intervention and relapse prevention, as well as in personal self-care for professionals.
  • An understanding of mindfulness compassion and therapeutic arts in the prevention and recovery of caregiver burnout and empathic distress.

Upon completion, participants will be better able to assist clients facing addiction issues through art therapy interventions.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age requirement: 19
  • A paraprofessional in the field of education, health or counselling, with a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts or social sciences
  • Students enrolled in mental health counselling, addictions counselling, marriage and family therapy, psychology, social work and creative arts therapies.
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in education completed in English

Foundation Program – 4 Courses $2600 (CAD) Or $695 Monthly For 4 Months

  1. Fundamentals and Pharmacology of Addiction and Therapeutic Art (30 hours)
  2. Addiction, the Family and Therapeutic Art (30 hours)
  3. Trauma, Addictions and Therapeutic Art (30 hours)
  4. Behavioural Addictions and Therapeutic Art (30 hours)

Advanced Program – 4 Courses $2600 (CAD) Or $695 Monthly For 4 Months

Completion of all 4 courses in Level One is required for admission into the Advanced Program.

The Advanced program requires completion of 2 Required (R) courses and any 2 Elective (E) courses. 

  1. (R) Relapse Prevention, Harm Reduction and Therapeutic Art (30 hours)
  2. (R) Concurrent Disorders, Addictions and Therapeutic Art (30 hours)

& any 2 of:

  1. (E) Therapeutic Art and FASD (30 hours)
  2. (E) Preventing Empathic Distress (Burnout) in Caregivers (30 hours)
  3. (E) Materials & Media in Therapeutic Art (30 hours)
  4. (E) The Human Animal Connection – Animal-Assisted Therapy for Substance Use and Trauma Based Disorders

*NOTE: Due to CEAACT’s ongoing enrollment, and based on a student’s background and clinical experience, courses and practicum can be completed concurrently, or students can pace themselves to fit their work situation.