Title of Course/Work Experience Component # of Hours
Required Courses
F1a – Fundamentals and Pharmacology of Addiction Part I 50
F1b – Fundamentals and Pharmacology of Addiction Part II 50
F2 Addictions Counselling Theory and Practice 50
F3 Ethical Issues in Addictions Counselling 50
F4 Behavioural Addictions and Therapeutic Interventions 50
F5 Clinical Intake, Screening & Assessment, Case Notes, Record Keeping & Professional Writing 50
F6 Addictions, Concurrent Disorders and Treatment Interventions 50
F7 Trauma, Addictions and Therapeutic Art 50
F8 Addictions, the Family, Children and Youth and Therapeutic Interventions 50
F9 Relapse Prevention, Harm Reduction, and Crisis Intervention 50
F10 Professional Self Care – Preventing Empathic Distress (Burnout) 50
F11 Diversity, Culture and Respect – Working with vulnerable groups 50
Studio I – Therapeutic Possibilities with Individuals 50
Studio II – Therapeutic Possibilities with Groups 50

Elective Courses (Must complete any 2 Courses)

Elective 1 – PTSD, Trauma and Addiction 50
Elective 2 – Electronic (Technology) Addictions 50
Elective 3 – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Secure Relationships 50
Elective 4 – Animal-Assisted Therapy for Substance Use Disorders 50

Required Final Project

Final Project 50

Required Supervision in Clinical Practice

*Supervision in Clinical Practice 300

Total Instructional Hours